The Benefits of a Plastic Strapping Machine

If your business handles goods, it’s important to make sure they have the best possible packaging. In fact, some products need securing as well as sealing to prevent damages and make them easier to ship and handle. Thanks to plastic strapping machine technology, you can secure goods quickly, safely, and efficiently, and this benefits your company in many ways. Here are some good reasons to consider this technology.

What is a Plastic Strapping Machine?

When you need extra security for your packages, you could wrap strong twine or other materials around them. However, this is costly and time-consuming, and it’s easier to apply plastic or metal bands. Instead of installing your bands manually it’s much faster and easier to use banding equipment. You can choose hand-held models for a small operation with large cartons, or you can install automated units that apply the bands, tension them properly and then heat seal the bands to give you a finished product.


Plastic is very strong and easier to apply than steel bands. It’s also much safer to use because it reduces the chance for injury over steel banding methods. Poly materials are cheaper to use than steel, and they weigh much less. You’ll also have a lighter and smaller product, and this can save you on freight charges.

Variable Tension

Not all cartons need extremely tight tension. With high-quality banding equipment, you can easily adjust the tension to your needs. This gives you more control over the banding process and better-looking packages.

Strap Size Selections

Some machines can install more than one size strap on cartons. This way, you might not have to buy a separate plastic strapping machine to seal and finish larger and heavier materials. You can use the same machine for all your needs, and you may select manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic equipment.