The Benefits Of A Cousins Stretch Wrapper

In every industry, there are manufacturers that stand out from the competition. In the packaging industry, specifically for stretch wrapping of all types, Cousins is one of those companies.

You will find Cousins stretch wrapper systems on any type of food, beverage or packed goods line throughout North America. The company itself has been in business since 1992. Located in Ontario, Canada they sell their equipment, supplies and machines throughout North America and in a global market through dealers in most major centers.

Industry Specific Options

While you may find a Cousins stretch wrapper in a food processing facility, they can also be found throughout other industries as well. Any type of processing or manufacturing facility shipping palleted items from boxed goods to military and chemical facilities will use these essential machines.
The company has several different models and designs that are carefully customized for different industrial uses and stretch wrapping needs. These include some unique technologies that allow for the use of specialized stretch wrap and additional features for high processing rates and oversized and heavy types of wrapping requirements.

Semi-Automatic and Automatic Systems

There are a variety of Cousins stretch wrapper models in both the semi-automatic and automatic options. The semi-automatic system is designed to be used in smaller production facilities and require the operator to load the platform and start the application of the film on the load.

The automatic systems are fully integrated into the production system and do not require any operator involvement in the process. The loads are placed on the platform by a conveyor, the machine starts the wrap and then completes and cuts the wrapping process.

Both are good options; it is largely a factor of production volume and configuration. There will also be a difference in price and features available between the different models and these should always be considered before making a choice.

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