The beauty of natural stone

Since ancient times stone has been used for it beauty and endurance. Today, rather than deal with huge slabs hewn from a quarry, homeowners and contractors can now get the same elegant result by using natural stone veneer.

What is natural stone veneer?

As the name implies, natural stone veneer is thin sections of real stone which have been sawn from blocks of the material. These relatively thin slices of stone can be used both inside and outside a home or commercial building; the material is used to provide a decorative accent around a fire place or to clad the exterior of a complete building.

The purpose of this material is to give the appearance that the building has real stone walls without the exorbitant cost of solid stone.

The many advantages of natural stone veneer:

There is very little waste when a thin veneer is cut from a large block, the finished product can be made in multiple shapes and is available in numerous colors and textures. As well as the aesthetic issues natural stone veneer is extremely low maintenance and can be applied over any rigid structure.

Unlike artificial stone, natural stone is extremely durable and once properly installed can stand up to any type of weather including installations in areas of the country that experience freeze and thaw cycles. The material never fades or changes color.

Ease of installation:

Natural stone veneer can be applied directly on the new or old cement block or brick surfaces as well as a framed wall with wire lath. Regardless of the surface it must be sound and free of paint and it is recommended that the wall be first treated with a waterproof medium. The individual stone pieces are reasonably lightweight and are fixed to the prepared surface with mortar.

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