The Basics of Swimming Pool Maintenance in Connecticut

Your swimming pool has a few qualities that you need to maintain. You need to make sure that it is pumping water efficiently, that it is filtering that water, and that the chlorine level is appropriate. Finally, you need to make sure that the water is staying where it is supposed to be. Any sort of leak or damage to your pool liner needs to be addressed. The best way to handle all of this swimming pool maintenance is just to call a professional.

Call a Professional

A professional will handle all of your swimming pool maintenance in Connecticut. The professional will be able to maintain the proper settings on the pump and the filtration system. Pumping is important because it keeps the water moving through the filter. Filtering the water keeps it clean throughout the day. The filter needs to remove solid materials that are in your pool. It’s also possible that you might need someone to skim the pool to remove leaves and other debris that are floating on top of the water.

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Chlorine Levels

Maintaining the proper chlorine level is an important part of swimming pool maintenance. The chlorine needs to stay within the acceptable range so that it is keeping your pool water sanitary without hurting those who swim in your pool. If you have a saltwater pool, you’ll need to maintain the proper salt levels. The salt creates the chlorine and keeps the pool clean in the same way. You’ll need to frequently test it. If it’s not maintaining the right level of chlorine, you’ll need to call a professional. There could be any number of problems with your pool manifesting as unreliable chlorine levels.

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