The Basics of Heating and Air in Norman

Many homeowners take heating and air in Norman homes for granted. Most expect the heating systems to keep them warm in winter, and the air conditioner to keep them cool during summer. When your home is hot in summer or cold in winter, the first reaction is to call on a professional service. It is also crucial that as the homeowner, you familiarize yourself with the basics of how the heating and cooling systems work if you need to carry out some simple fixes and maintenance.

How Heating and Air Systems Work
Climate control systems or devices have 3 basic components: the source of cooled or warmed air, the means to distribute air to rooms that require cooling or heating and a means to regulate the system (like a thermostat). Sources of warm air, like furnaces, and cooled air, like the air conditioner, in your home usually use the same control and distribution systems. If your home has centralized air conditioning, the cool air most probably flows via the same ducts used by heat and regulated using the same thermostat for regulation. When the cooling or heating unit malfunctions, any of the three basic components mentioned above may be the cause of the problem.

Both heating and air conditioning units work on the rule that heat moves from the warm object to the cooler one, the same as water will always flow from a higher to lower level. Heaters and furnaces make the home warmer by putting heat into the air while air conditioners remove the heat, making your home cooler.

All cooling and heating units use up fuel. Air conditioners utilize electricity. A majority of home heating systems utilize fuel oil or gas while others use electricity. The heat pump is a climate control unit powered by electricity used for heating and cooling air. During summer, it extracts the heat from your home and in winter, pulls the heat from the outside using it to warm the interior.

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