The Basics of Finding a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Fayetteville NC

When a person receives a traffic citation, they may wonder if it is necessary to hire an attorney. If it’s the driver’s first ticket for a minor offense, it’s simpler and more cost-effective to pay the fine. However, paying the fine is an admission of guilt, and the citation may remain on one’s driving record for up to seven years. Below are some things drivers should know about hiring a traffic ticket Fayetteville NC.

What do Traffic Lawyers Do?

Even if one faces a minor infraction, one may want to consult an attorney if one has had more than one ticket in the past three years. Below are some of the things an attorney can do to help a driver who has received a ticket.

• Negotiate: An attorney with the Beaver Courie Attorneys at Law can negotiate with judges and prosecutors to get charges and fines reduced.

• Retention of driving privileges: If one has multiple citations on their record, they may have enough points to jeopardize driving privileges. If this applies, an attorney may be able to help avoid such an outcome.

• Courtroom representation: If a person gets a ticket in another state, an attorney can provide representation to help the driver avoid making an expensive and time-consuming trip to appear in court.

• Lower insurance rates: A conviction for some moving violations can cause one’s insurance rate to rise. An attorney can negotiate for reduced charges, or they can arrange for the driver to take traffic school to erase the points from their driving record.

The Cost of Representation

There’s no set price to hire a traffic attorney. While some lawyers charge flat fees for certain violations, others charge an hourly rate, especially in complex cases. Depending on certain variables, one may pay up to $400 for a routine citation and upwards of $1,500 for a first DUI offense.

It’s important for a client to know how long their attorney in Fayetteville NC, has been working in local traffic courts, and to find out how many cases they’ve actually defended. One should always hire legal representation if they are facing jail time or license loss. If the driver is charged with a minor offense, however, the tips above can help them determine whether to visit Beaver Courie Attorneys at Law to consult an attorney.

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