The Balance of Commercial and Theatrical Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

There are two distinct types of headshots. For the most part, corporate headshots in Los Angeles will lean towards the first type. But more progressive and liberal companies may pry for some more unique energy in their total company image.

Commercial : This type of headshot will include a very direct headshot. Shoulders will rarely, if ever, be turned away from the camera. The individual should also be smiling, because the whole idea is building a nice approachable feeling. This is the conservative and safe approach, but it has its limitations. Sure, the headshot is focused on pushing the person first, but it forces the individual to be unique on their own terms and not lean on some detailed corporate resume and photo combination.

Theatrical : More firms are embracing the theatrical approach to headshots. The idea is so still have a headshot contained within the image. The person’s face should be clear. But one may have some hobbies and passions displayed in the image. Perhaps a person with some pets, or about to go skiing. In a corporate environment, this can be tricky. It does not necessarily scream of the utmost professionalism. But it does offer a bit of character.

Headshot Photographer, Business Name is a headshot worker at heart, but his work can intermingle these natural elements into the photo. The important thing to consider here is that the photographer understands the corporate environment of the individual. They also try to understand the hierarchy a bit. For example, Corporate headshots in Los Angeles may be straightforward headshots for CEO’s and upper management. But a slightly different and more creative image may be appropriate for lower management and the traditional employee base. This is what one considers when looking at the greater hierarchy of a company, as well as the image that they seek to portray.

Yet at the end of the day, image is everything. High quality Corporate headshots by Business Name in Los Angeles can be obtained without busting open the budget. The best approach is one that is not universal but caters towards the specific tiers of the company and what it is trying to accomplish.

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