The Auto Transmission Repair in GR Can Put Your Transmission Back To Work

A 5 speed automatic transmission has about 1,000 parts, and some of these are vital to the transmission functioning properly. The modern automatic transmission is the most complicated mechanical equipment in today’s automobile. They contain hydraulic systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems and high tech computer controls. Bob’s Transmission knows how all of these sub-assemblies work together to make the transmission function. The Auto Transmission Repair in GR is familiar with the complexities.

The inside of an automatic transmission houses the gears that enable the transmission to function with the changing speed of the vehicle. The transmission is cooled by two tubes that run to the radiator and then puts the fluid back into the transmission to cool the necessary parts.

Every internal transmission part is covered in transmission fluid which is managed to create pressure. This pressure forces the clutch pack together at the right time. A complex tube system moves the fluid around the transmission and torque converter to create this pressure. The hydraulic system helps control transmission gear shifting, lubricating the transmission parts and to cool the transmission. Therefore, the amount of fluid pressure in the transmission must be maintained at all times by keeping the transmission fluid at the proper level.

The Torque Converter is another important part of the transmission because it enables the car to idle and keeps the motor running. This is a complex piece of equipment. The Planetary Gear Sets are the gear systems that provide the various forward gear ratios as well as gear changes including reverse. You can visit the website for more information on the Torque Converter.

Pulling a transmission from a vehicle is the dirtiest job in the vehicle repair business. It is located close to the road and it picks up all of the grime from the road. Often oil has leaked from the engine onto the housing. Disassembling this part is also a dirty job. Often, a complete disassembly is required to find and fix the problem. Auto Transmission Repair in GR is familiar with rebuilding a transmission that requires the use of a transmission dynamometer which few repair shops have. The training for a transmission technician can take two years and even more years of experience. Many unique tools are required and they are usually purchased at the technicians’ expense.

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