The Aspects of Reverse Mortgage Loans in Mahwah, NJ

Reverse mortgage loans provide our senior citizens an opportunity to continue to enjoy their life to the best of their capabilities. These loans are given against the equity held in a property and therefore, termed as reserve mortgage loans. You can get reverse mortgage loans in Mahwah, NJ, from a variety of sources. The important aspect is to understand them in order to use them effectively.

Obtaining a Loan

Obtaining a reverse mortgage loan requires you to calculate your financial situation and then apply for it, to a suitable lender. There are many lenders that are available in Mahwah, NJ that give loans with slightly varying conditions. You need to carefully understand their rules and regulations for a perfect comparison.


Reverse mortgage loans in Mahwah, NJ, are available to senior citizens who are at least 62 years old. Another requirement is to own some equity in a property. The equity can be a small amount or you can own the whole property, when applying for a reverse mortgage loan.

Some Liabilities

The homeowner gets a loan based on the equity, but does not become free from the liabilities of paying taxes and obtaining home insurance. The good thing about the loan is that it is not considered as a taxable income, because it is a loan amount in all its essence. The reverse mortgage needs to be returned, when the property is sold or the last surviving borrower is deceased.

Some Important Facts

Some experts consider reverse mortgage loans as dangerous, but they are, in fact, secured by the government and backed by federal agencies. The maximum payment against a reverse mortgage is also capped to never go beyond the actual value of the property in which the borrower holds the equity.

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