The Advantages/Disadvantages of A Flat Roof According to Flat Roof Contractors in Eldersburg MD

In the home, there are many debates homeowners ponder. Should the kitchen have a gas or an electric stove? Does the family need a garden tub, or will a standard suffice? And, the age old controversy between flat and sloped roofs continues. While some families prefer the look of a sloped roof, as Flat Roof Contractors in Eldersburg MD will tell you, there are a number of compelling reasons to consider the flat roof.


Face it, the biggest advantage by a long shot is the cost. It’s not only the building and installation, but also the materials commonly utilized in covering the roof which are reasonably priced.

One of the advantages homeowners find in utilizing a flat roof is the additional space they are able to make use of once the roof is completed. They can elevate the a/c units off the ground, install solar panels in a less obvious spot, or simply plant a garden. With any number of possibilities, especially those homeowners with small yards can take advantage of roof space.

When you need to take advantage of every precious inch inside of a house, a flat roof can offer more versatility inside. The attic and top floor apartments can be easier to transform without all the sloped walls a pitched roof would cause. This versatility is one reason Flat Roof Contractors in Eldersburg MD suggest the flat roof approach.

The time always comes when you need to clean the gutter, make repairs or install the satellite dish. Let’s not forget solar panels, either. All of these items are easier to access when a flat roof is involved, and typically less expensive, too.


Yes, there are some disadvantages to consider as well, the biggest being the lack of drainage on a flat roof. While yes, they do eventually drain, it’s not as efficient as a roof with a pitch to it. Water may puddle and ramain on the roof, possibly breaking down the roofing materials and causing leaks in the seams.

Unlike sloped roofs, there are not many choices when it comes to roofing materials. You basically have rolled roofing, rubber TPO, EPDM or bitumen. They’re all inexpensive options, and considerably easy to install. However, the lifespan is only about 10-15 years, versus 30 years on a sloped roof.

To discuss your options, contact an expert in the field such as Politz Enterprises Inc for more information.

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