The Advantages Of Selecting A Rosemount Flow Transmitter

There are many different companies on the market that make a variety of flow transmitters, meters, valves and other devices for system controls. However, a few of those companies have become synonymous with quality, durability, and reliability that makes them the gold standard in a wide number of industrial applications.

One such company is Rosemount. They make a range of different flow measurement solutions with the line of Rosemount flow transmitter models, with different specializations for measurement range, output, and options for communication with the system.


With extensive worldwide use, the various Rosemount flow transmitter models are tried with tested in some of the most demanding applications. This includes in very challenging environmental conditions as well as in small and large facilities, each with specific challenges and issues to consider.

The E-series of Rosemount flow transmitter models also comes with full diagnostics on board. This means that the meter and transmitter will continually run self-checks, ensuring that the system is fully operational rather than waiting for an issue.

Ready to Install

Depending on the specific type of transmitter and meter selected, they can be leak checked and calibrated to allow for quick installation and commissioning, without a lot of additional prep work and time. Most models are available with the primary elements pre-assembled, reducing the on-site time needed.

Additionally, and this is important in most applications, there is the choice to interface the flow transmitter for setup and commissioning or to complete the process using the configuration buttons that are mounted on the flow transmitter. This also streamlines the installation process and makes these models user-friendly.

With their solid reputation for accuracy in measurement through the various flow meters offered by the company, the transmitters are an outstanding choice and investment in your facility.