The Advantages of Print Shops With Copy Services in Lancaster County

Print shops were once dark dens of ink, card stock and gold leaf. The secrets behind raised lettering and embossing, magazine layouts or banners and business cards were protected from the prying eyes of the general public. Then, home computers and desktop publishing circumvented secret handshakes and specialized print shop language. Anyone could design and print their own 3 sectioned brochures, fliers and newsletters, leaving print shops vying for wedding invitations and magazine contracts.

Sensible copy services at print shops in Lancaster County embraced this new world and digitized their labor intensive tasks, like typesetting, image enhancement and proofing, to enhance their copy services. Now, the printer can get their client’s layout approved, then fill their order with copies of the approved master sheet, instead of repeatedly inking the same plate, manually, to complete the order.

In addition to greatly improved production times, from eliminating many of the labor intensive aspects of printing, print shop copy machines can produce thousands of copies in a few minutes instead of several days.

Today’s print shop copy machine operators use many of the same programs consumers use in their homes. Your order can be designed using Microsoft Office and/or Adobe Acrobat, then stored on a disc that you print from, as needed, or that you bring back to the print shop to have copies of your material readied for distribution.

Print shops also use copy machines to add information to previously printed documents, called copier items. Your company may have a basic flier or brochure, but each one needs a different map with driving directions based on the flier’s or brochure’s intended destination, added. In this case, the maps are copied onto the copier items with their existing information. If you have standard forms needing only one or two additional bits of information added, you can modify them as needed.

Many print shops provide self-serve copy machines, making the wait for a huge, bulk order’s completion a productive exercise. While a customer waits for his larger order, he can quickly make a few copies using the self serve machine.

A print shop in Lancaster County provides for all of your printing and document reproduction needs in one location saving travel, time and money. Choosing a print shop with the latest copy machines enhances our company’s projected professionalism and can expand your advertising options. For more information, visit Cornerstone Graphic Technologies, LLC.

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