The Advantages Of Powder Coating For West Michigan OEMs

As an OEM producing any type of metal parts, components, equipment, or systems, finding the best way to finish the part to create a long-lasting, highly protective surface is essential. This is not just for aesthetic purposes, but also to add value for your West Michigan customers. Any metal that is prevented from corroding has a longer life cycle, giving your products an advantage in the market.

For any type of metal or alloy, powder coating is an exceptional option. There are several reasons why this solution for finishing parts is the top choice for small and large West Michigan OEMs across a wide range of different industries.

  • Dry application for increased consistency – the use of a dray application method (electrostatic spray deposition) creates a uniform layer of the coating that is electrochemically charged and bonded to the surface. The uniform surface allows for precise color, coating thickness, and precision application.
  • Different options – there are various options in custom powder coating that include polyurethane, polyester, acrylic, and epoxy, and they can also be blended and combined for the ideal coating for the given metal or alloy.
  • Tough finish – the powder coating finish is extremely hard and highly protective of the metal. Since it does not peel or flake like paint or other finishes, it offers high corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and resistance to exposure to chemicals.

The additional benefit to the OEM is the low cost of this finishing option. With the ability to create custom colors to parts and components, it is a wise choice for most metals.

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