The Advantages Of Pool Service In Lowell MA For Opening And Closing Your Pool

If you and your family look forward every year to opening your pool, but you dread the task of getting it ready for the summer, call a company for pool service in Lowell MA area. In addition to not having to do the job yourself, there are many advantages of having a professional company open and close your pool.

Chemical Balance

When opening your pool for the summer, you must have the correct chemical balance in the water. Swimming in pool water that isn’t properly sanitized is unhealthy and can lead to ear infections. Too much chlorine in the water can cause rashes on your skin. A Pool Service professional will add the correct amount of chemicals in your water and test it to make sure that it’s safe for you and your family.

Accessory Installation

Proper installation of ladders, diving boards and hand rails is also essential for safety. An inadequately installed ladder or diving board can cause falls, injuries and possibly drownings.

Pump and Filter Set Up

When you open your pool, you expect your pump and filter to flawlessly begin working. Pumps can fail and components may wear out and need to be replaced. If your pump isn’t working as it should, a professional can quickly determine the problem and get it fixed right away.


As pool season ends, the job of getting your pool ready to withstand the cold months is another chore that you probably don’t look forward to. By hiring a Pool Service in Lowell MA, you don’t have to worry if your pool is properly winterized or if you forgot to do anything. A professional company will add the correct amount of chemicals that your pool needs for the winter. They’ll make sure that your pump and filter is properly drained so that it can’t freeze and bust when the temperatures are low. The pool crew will also place the cover on your pool so that the water stays as clean as possible during the winter.

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