The Advantages of Beach-Style Modular Homes by an Ocean County, NJ, Builder

A beach style home builder in Ocean County, NJ, specializing in customized modular houses offers distinct advantages to clients. The construction takes place in climate-controlled settings so the building is not affected by weather elements. More lumber is used on average than in traditional construction, making the house sturdier. The homes are more affordable than stick-built houses, and construction is completed faster.

Climate Control During Construction

Quality control is more precise when workers are indoors in a comfortable setting. Building materials don’t get wet, and moisture never seeps inside the structure.

Sturdier Construction

A beach style home builder in Ocean County, NJ, specializing in modular design uses 15 to 20 percent more lumber than is true for most stick-built houses. The structure must be able to withstand wind speeds on highways during delivery.

More Affordable

Even though additional wood is used, the homes are more affordable than comparable stick-built houses. The company buys its supplies in bulk because it has plenty of room dedicated to storage. Workers typically build several homes each month on a regular schedule no matter what the weather is like.

Fast Service

Since the work never stops because of weather, the houses are completed quickly. Clients usually receive their new home within two months after construction begins. In some cases, the only reason for a wait of two months is a full delivery schedule.

Modular homes appreciate in value just as stick-built versions do. People interested in the possibilities may learn more at Zarrilli Homes.

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