The Advantages of Asphalt Pavement Protection in Sturbridge MA

Many property owners need an affordable way to cover their driveways or parking areas. Gravel is cheap, but weeds must be continually sprayed, and city ordinances often prohibit its commercial use. Concrete is a very sturdy and solid option, but the cost of both product and installation can exorbitant. One of the most elegant and affordable materials is asphalt. This durable substance can withstand the forces of nature as well as the effects of constant usage. All a property owner has to worry about is the periodic resealing and line painting that must occur. Both of these services can easily be handled by contractors specializing in asphalt pavement in Sturbridge MA. One service call to a company like Premier Seal Coating & Striping can breathe new life into a worn patch of pavement.

Asphalt pavement can really stand out against another terrain. Its lush black color, contrasted with any necessary traffic lines, will enhance the curb appeal of a commercial facility or residential home. Over time, this pleasing look will fade under the sun’s rays and excessive traffic. This is when the team at Premier Seal Coating should be called. Depending on the condition of the asphalt, the contractors can recommend several different techniques to revive its luster. One of the most common treatments involves an application of seal coating. This sprayed on product provides both weatherproofing and color enhancement. When the process is complete, the pavement will be better protected against deterioration and look very appealing.

Another standard option is to have the cracks sealed and existing lines repainted. Sealing the cracks prohibits excess water from seeping into the subsurface and spreading the existing damage to new areas. Once the sealing is complete, a new paint job will bring back any necessary traffic lines and give the asphalt a revived look.

Adding ColorPave HD to damaged asphalt is one more way to turn back the clock. This material is an acrylic emulsion that is strengthened with sand to create a non-slip surface. The product actually comes in a variety of colors, providing customers with options when it comes to landscape color coordination. For more information on this process, contact us through the online form found at

Utilizing Asphalt Pavement in Sturbridge MA doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. Hiring an experienced team of contractors can provide property owners with a long-lasting, appealing surface to handle all of their traffic requirements.

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