The Advantages of a Professional Tree Pruning Service in East Lyme, CT

Trees offer cool shade and beauty to a landscaping design. However, trees are like grass in that they need attention from time to time to keep them from becoming overgrown and to keep them healthy. That’s why hiring a professional tree pruning service in East Lyme, CT is a good thing to do with older and larger trees.

From a practical standpoint, trimming back a large tree with out-of-control growth is good for the safety of the people and the property surrounding the tree. A great deal of damage is done to homes and vehicles every year because of falling limbs. In addition, these falling limbs can be dangerous and even fatal for people who happen to be in the way when one falls. A small limb isn’t a big deal, but larger trees with out-of-control growth can cause significant parts of the tree to fall off, and this is where the real danger comes in.

In addition, out-of-control growth can often make a tree extremely heavy on one side or another. This can also cause a tree to become extremely top-heavy, which can make it more susceptible to toppling over. Significant damage can occur if the tree is located close to a home or if there are cars located next to the tree when it falls over.

Unfortunately, top-heavy trees don’t need strong winds to topple over. Sometimes, they will simply get too heavy for the roots to support the weight. This can happen regardless of the presence of severe weather or high winds.

Lastly, the extremities of branches that have grown out of control are usually the first places where diseases attack the tree. Removing these areas with the help of a professional tree pruning service in East Lyme CT can save the tree from being consumed by disease.

As you can tell, a professional tree pruning service is good to employ every so often in order to keep the trees around your home in good condition. Not only does it make the trees look better, it protects your home and your vehicles from damage, it protects your family from being injured because of falling branches or trees, and it keeps the tree healthy as well. To learn more about the benefits of tree pruning, you may want to check out what Dunn’s Tree Service to offer.

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