The Advantages In Design Of The Beaver Tooth

There are many different styles and types of forestry teeth on the market; some offered as Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM parts and others produced by third-party manufacturers. A popular option for general timber cutting is found in the beaver tooth design.

For excellent in quality, design and durability using a third-party manufacturer rather than an OEM option may be the best possibility. The third-party company markets completely on their product’s viability and effectiveness, and they are responsive to new innovations and technologies since they produce specific components and parts.

Options to Consider

While many of these third-party specialized equipment companies offer only a limited number of teeth styles and options, others offer a full range. This can include multiple options with the beaver tooth in no shank, two-piece and one-piece options.

The options for these styles and design differences will be a factor of the type of equipment in use and the saw disc. It will also be a preference, with many of the bolt sizes and shank diameters and lengths also a factor on the everything but the no shank teeth options.

The Advantages

The beaver tooth offers the advantage of having distinctive, straight cutting edges that slope from the high point in each corner to the center and the adjacent corner. This provides the maximum possible cutting area on each tooth, increasing the efficiency of the disc.

Additionally, with the extensive cutting surface, the cutting action is distributed more evenly across the tooth. The result is a beaver style of tooth that lasts longer with typical or even heavy use than the same size of the concave types of teeth.

Of course, there are applications where the concave types of teeth are the ideal option. Choosing between the two is a factor of the working conditions, the type of terrain as well as the specific demands of the job.

Heat treating of the beaver style of teeth further enhances the strength of the teeth. The heating has to be done carefully to avoid creating a brittle tooth, but rather hardening and strengthening to the optimal level.

The various styles of beaver teeth are easy to change on the holder. They will also work with a variety of different discs, and top companies will ensure their teeth will be fully compatible with their own discs as well as the most common brands of discs on the market today.

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