The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Coffee Vending Machines in Dallas Offices

A trending alternative to individual cups of coffee or a coffee cart is to install coffee Vending Machines in Dallas offices. These vending machines usually offer several different options of coffee, along with the extras, such as cream and milk. The vending machine may also be designed to offer iced coffee and a number of other alternatives. When making the decision of whether or not a coffee vending machine is right for your office, consider the following.


One of the primary benefits offered by a coffee vending machine is that it will reduce the amount of on-the-clock time used by employees to brew pots of coffee. Instead of having to take time out of the work day to brew the coffee, your employees will simply be able to visit the on-site coffee Vending Machines in Dallas and retrieve their cup; in the long run this can save a significant amount of working hours, creating a much more productive workplace.

Employee Cost

One disadvantage of the office coffee vending machine is the fact that employees will likely have to bring money to receive their drink. The traditional coffee pots are typically free, and offered as a work benefit. This is something to consider prior to eliminating the free work perk.

Storage and Cleanup

Installing an office coffee vending machine can help to reduce the amount of time spent on cleanup and reduce the storage needed for coffee supplies. For example, cups, coffee beans, filters and the actual coffee maker can take up a large amount of counter space in a workplace kitchen. There is also less chances of a spill with a coffee vending machine than a traditional coffee maker.

Coffee Blends

The traditional coffee maker is limited to the type of coffee offered, which means that some employees may not like what is offered. When a vending machine is used, employees are able to bring their own flavours and use them for brewing coffee. This provides more options for the picky coffee drinker.

If you are interested in a coffee vending machine for your office, Contact Espresso RMI Inc. You can browse the options of equipment that are available and select the right one for your office. Be sure to consider all the advantages and disadvantages, prior to making a decision.

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