The Advantages and Basics of Key less Entry Locks in San Antonio

There are advantages to a key less entry system installation in San Antonio, TX. This alternative to the traditional deadbolt and physical key enables access control on many levels. Several operations can utilize the monitoring system to manage their properties and more.


One perk of this electronic piece of hardware is that it can offer a new layer of security. With this application, an unauthorized individual cannot duplicate a metal key. Once a business owner discovers someone copied their regular key, they may have to change all of their locks or cores. With a key less lock, a business can get more virtual security.


After a key less entry system installation in San Antonio, TX, the business owner or manager can program the door to match the operation’s needs. Vacation rental managers can open and close their properties as guests check in and out. Business owners can coordinate door hours with delivery personnel or employees. When it comes to holidays and special events, a key less system means that staff does not have to work on-site during these seasonal periods.


This tool is helpful for monitoring when an individual arrives at a property. A payroll clerk or human resources can combine the data with time cards to ensure accurate paychecks. It can act as a cross-reference system for time and attendance records.


Bluetooth drives this technology, so the person in charge of the comings and goings can remotely allow entry or lock the premises. People can use a cell phone, laptop, and other cellular devices to access the system. For more information on a keyless entry system installation in San Antonio, TX, contact South Texas Security Systems at

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