The Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie and Public Scrutiny Brings the Hammer Down on Texting and Driving

The Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving has had a lot of targets over the years. Their onslaught against televisions in cars was more than reasonable and initiated new restrictions on televisions in a vehicle. The new aim, and the major point of contention in the fight against distracted driving is texting. Jaklitsch Law Group, an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie, has found texting to be a leading cause of distractions and vehicle accidents in the city.

The Official US Distracted Driving workers keep texting as their main obstacle, and they encourage attorneys to crack down on texters in a big way. It is estimated that texting increases the chance of getting into an accident by three times though this claim is admittedly conservative. What makes texting so dangerous? The average time a driver spends staring at their screen is 5 seconds. At 55 mph, a driver could scale the distance of a football field. How many potential cars can exist a football field length ahead? People underestimate their own speed and the potential disaster of a car accident at 55+. What about at 80?

20% of teens have admitted that they have extensive conversations through text while driving, details the Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie. This is likely low, for teens may not want to admit this in a specified poll. This is worrisome for a whole host of reasons, for any of these teens could run smack into any unbeknownst driver on the road. The truth is that organizations, from Distracted Driving workers to legal authorities to legislatures, want to see individuals who text and drive being punished appropriately. It is an issue that teens must be made aware of.

Texting requires attention in three fronts: manual (through the key input), visual, and cognitive attention. It is a triple-whammy of danger and incompetence, and it is killing innocent drivers. If a driver was texting when he hit the car, have an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie at Website bring the hammer down. Instill sense and understanding to the public through a big case. Hold drivers accountable for those five seconds they think they are invulnerable, and everyone else is just an obstacle that could never possibly be hit.

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