The 7 Amazing Facets of Chakra Healing

Chakra is a term which was coined from Sanskrit. It simply means a circle or a rotating wheel or disc. They are connection centers for spiritual, physical and spiritual power. Over time, bad energies accumulate in our bodies, this eventually leads to illness. Perfect knowledge of Chakra can help in releasing these bad energies from our bodies. There are 7 main Chakras in the body where Chakra healing where takes places. They include,

1.  The root chakra
It’s also known as Base chakra, because they are usually situated at the tail or base of the spine. It affects the most basic aspects of life i.e., family and financial freedom.  The common indicators of root chakra blockage are fatigue, family arguments and sometimes confusion due to lack of the right grounding.
2. Sacral plexus.
Found in the lower abdomen, 2 inches below the navel. It is responsible for the ability to accept new experiences and accept people with diverse traits.  It also creates a sense of sexuality, pleasure, wellbeing and abundance. Sacral plexus blockage results to lack of creativity, hormonal imbalance and sexual dysfunction.
3. Solar plexus chakra.
It is the foundation of your mental body. It enables you to gain vibration and essence from places, people and all other things. It is responsible for confidence and ability to control your life. Found in stomach region and its blockage affects self-esteem, digestive systems and also immunity.
4. Heart chakra
The heart Chakra healing system is positioned at the center of the chest near the heart. It is responsible for love and affection. Its interference results to heart problems, low or high blood pressure, anger, numbness and fear of love
5. Throat chakra.
Found in throat area and is the fifth one. It facilitates expression or communication and skills or wisdom of a person. Signs of its blockage include overactive or underactive thyroid, fear and difficulties in self-expression.
6. Eye or brow chakra.
It is referred to as Third Eye Chakra because it enables an individual to foresee things. It’s located in the forehead in between the two eyebrows as giants’ eyes. It concentrates with focus, imaginations and wisdom.  Its blockage leads to headache and poor insight.
7. Crown chakra.
It is the foundation of the spiritual body and beauty. It is usually positioned on top of the head or crown as the name suggests.

You must have noted that all the seven Chakras fall in a straight line in the body. Chakra healing is different in each case due to the differences in positions and symptoms.

Chakra healing is very interesting phenomenon and can cure many problems by setting straight the intangible energies that flow in your system.

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