Telltale Signs That Your Transmission Needs Repair

Are you concerned that your vehicle might currently require transmission repair? Many problems with your transmission might be fixable if you contact a reputable local vehicle expert. If you are wondering how to determine when the time might be right to call a transmission professional in your area, these are some of the signs you can watch for.

Improper Shifting

Have you noticed that your vehicle’s transmission has begun to shift in a rough or jerky manner? Maybe your car or truck seems sluggish or does not shift as quickly as it should. A damaged transmission may also clunk or jerk sharply at times. Due to familiarity with your own vehicle, you will likely be able to detect burgeoning transmission problems simply because shifting has begun to feel less smooth and fluid than it once did.

Leaky Transmission

Leaking might be another sign indicating that your vehicle needs transmission repair. To determine whether your transmission is truly the source of the leak, you can look for certain signs. What color is the fluid leaking from your vehicle? Transmission fluid leaks are generally red in color. This fluid may also feel slick or oily to the touch, and will generally originate from the front or middle of your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Strange Noises

In addition to sluggish shifting and transmission fluid leaks, you might also notice your car’s transmission making strange noises. Do you hear grating, clunking or whining when your vehicle attempts to shift gears? Unusual sounds may indicate that serious problems have begun to develop. It is generally best to contact a professional in your area to have your vehicle evaluated.

Taking Care of Your Vehicle’s Transmission

Keeping your car’s transmission in good repair may be one important way in which you can help ensure that your vehicle will remain operational in the future. To help determine whether your car might need transmission repair, you can watch for signs such as rough shifting, unusual noises or leaking transmission fluid. For more information contact S-O-S Transmissions at 708-3441760! You can watch their videos on YouTube to know more.

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