One of the most embarrassing dental issues is having stained or discolored teeth. When one is suffering from staining or discoloration, talking and laughing in public becomes a huge issue. However, with the new cosmetic dental procedures, it is possible to get rid of stains and manage to smile without covering your mouth with your palm. Here is what you need to know about teeth whitening with a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta, GA.

What causes tooth staining?

Not many people understand the cause of teeth staining. To keep teeth bright and sparkling after whitening, you need to stay away from the following things:

  1. Poor dental hygiene: Make sure that you clean your teeth well at all times. It is important to not only brush the teeth but to use mouthwash and have occasional teeth cleaning done at a dentist’s office.
  2. Dark-colored foods such as wine, coffee, and other heavily pigmented foods.
  3. Smoking.

These are the things that cause tooth discoloration. After the whitening, they should be avoided whenever possible.

What is better, whitening at home or in a dental office?

The other choice that you have to make is whether you want whitening to be done at home or the dentist. Here are some reasons why it is recommended to whiten one’s teeth in a dental office:

  1. The results can be seen with as little as a single visit.
  2. The dentist will use the right bleaching agents to protect the gum and the other parts of the mouth from dangerous chemicals.
  3. The dentist will know how to avoid over-bleaching the teeth, something that can lead to permanent tooth discoloration.

In case the stains are intrinsic, the dentist will use alternatives such as white light together with peroxide to eliminate the problem.

These are the things that you need to know about dealing with discolored and stained teeth. Even though the at-home gels, strips, and pastes may seem like an easy way out, it takes much longer to see results.

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