Teeth Whitening: Choose The Right Way To Brighten And Whiten Your Smile

It seems that everyone wants to have whiter teeth and some may go to extremes to get it. White teeth can help your smile and appearance look better, but they can also help you look younger and work well with your face. Therefore, many people want this popular cosmetic procedure. Likewise, discolouration is caused by a number of things, including the use of tobacco, drinking dark beverages, and the overall strength of the teeth. Plus, age can also lead to discolouration, which is why teeth whitening is popular. However, there is a right and wrong way to brighten your pearly whites.

OTC Products

Because of society’s view of beauty and the importance of white teeth, thousands of over-the-counter products are now available, including toothpaste, strips, gel, rinses and so much more. Most dentists, including those at Hills Dental Care, do not recommend that you use OTC products, or do so sparingly after talking to your dental professional. These can be harmful to the teeth, but they may also lead to sensitivity and pain.

Likewise, OTC products may not produce the best results because they are not professional-grade.

In-Office Options

It is usually recommended to go to the dental office for your whitening needs. They can use stronger bleach/peroxide solutions that will whiten the teeth faster and safely. It is unsafe for you to use peroxide or bleach on your own, but dentists know the right measurements and where to place the solution. They also know the length of time to keep it on the teeth.

Likewise, Zoom Whitening is another option, which uses a specialty laser to make the process much faster. Many people can have their teeth up to 10 shades lighter after just one visit, though your results may be different.

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