Teachers Providing Rigorous On-Site CPR Training

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Business

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On-site CPR training is an important part of keeping your employees prepared and safe. It’s always hard to predict when and where emergencies will occur. The best plan is to make sure your employees can respond to life-threatening emergencies immediately. The right professionals will give your staff the rigorous hands-on training they need to do things right under stress.

The need for CPR can arise when only a few people are at work. Your employees may not know how to spot a person in danger late at night or with equipment running. The right teachers will explain how to stay alert and respond given the unique challenges and situations at your workplace.

Inquire with your course provider about the certification of the class they offer. Some classes may vary in intensity and content from other ones you may have taken. On-Site CPR Training classes may be offered as a combined course that covers first aid and bloodborne pathogens. Your course may include sections for AED, sharps, choking, seizure, and more. Some classes specifically cover what to do if only one person is nearby to respond. They may also have special sections for helping people with diabetes and other health conditions.

Experienced teachers will help you practice with medical models to make sure you learn the right techniques. You will learn how to properly activate an emergency alarm as well as clear blocked airways. Upon course completion, you’ll be equipped to assist both conscious and unconscious individuals.

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