Tanning Booths: Everything You Need to Know

Tanning Booth Rays

The modern tanning booths use UVA rays to penetrate into the skin, where melanin granules are oxidized and you get the golden brown epidermis tan. Light emitted from a tanning booth contains around 40% less UVB rays than light from the sun; these are the rays which cause your skin to burn. Tanning booths, like tanning beds, are designed to control the amount of exposure time and UVA to UVB rays in order to protect the skin. Vertical tanning booths or tanning beds are becoming a very popular option in many tanning salons and if you have the money, they can even be set-up in residential homes.

Tanning Booth Characteristics

Tanning booths can give users a safe, golden tan if instructions are followed carefully. Tanning booths are larger than their tanning bed counterparts. If you like being able to move about while tanning or you don’t like the enclosed feeling a bed gives when you lower the top down on top of you, then these state-of-the-art booths are exactly what you need. Vertical booths are designed with lamps and reflectors which enable the rays to cover the whole body. They utilize FDA regulated lamps rated at a powerful 160 wattage versus the 100 wattage used in typical horizontal beds. There are even vertical models which use 180 wattage lamps, giving users a deep Mediterranean type tan. The average tanning booth has from 32 to 56 lamps and uses a 10 to 15 minute tanning session time. Tanning booths have allowed for shorter tanning times versus their bed counterparts, with sessions lasting around ten minutes for an overall tan.

How to Use a Tanning Booth

Using a tanning booth is the simplest and safest way to achieve a maximum tanning effect:

Undress, apply a tanning solution, put on eye goggles and enter the stand-up booth.

For long hair, pin it up on top of your head or place it in a ponytail so you can evenly tan your neck, upper back and shoulders.

Turn on your tanning booth and set your timing dials according to instructions.

Many standing tanning booths may have hand loops which you can slip your hands through while turning and moving about.

Place your feet on marked areas designed on the bottom of the booth. However, if the floor is not marked, instructions will direct you to stand in the booth’s center location with your feet a foot apart.

New Technology

Advanced manufacturing options are now available in tanning booths to add better comfort, which includes the following:

Tanning booths are equipped with a cooling fan and ventilation for the users and the lamps.

They can come equipped with auxiliary inputs to connect your iPod or MP3 player with.

Many tanning booths offer LED touch screens.

Further research is being conducted with tanning booths and tanning beds, the results will be coming to a tanning salon near you. Research in tanning is centered on “light therapy” technology which guarantees a tan with skin rejuvenating results. Light therapy will not only give users the tan effect they want, but using natural light has been proven to be medically helpful in producing more collagen cells, hydrating the skin, providing DNA repairing effects, cell regeneration, and improved skin tone and texture through producing more elastin.

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