Talking About Insulation: What the Right Steel Garage Doors in Huntington, WV Will Do For the Home

When it comes to choosing Steel Garage Doors in Huntington WV for a residential garage, it pays to look closely at the features of the door design. One of the points to examine closely is the type of insulation used in the door design. Here are a few things the homeowner needs to keep in mind when selecting a door that is truly energy efficient.

Understanding the R-Factor

It’s not enough to ask if the Steel Garage Doors in Huntington WV under consideration are insulated. The buyer should seek to obtain information about the R-factor rating. Essentially, this is a rating that indicates the amount of resistance the door provides in terms of heat flow. What the buyer wants to find is a door that effectively blocks heat flow from either direction.

The ideal door is insulated in such a way that the heat of summer will not seep into the garage and undermine attempts to keep the interior as cool as possible. During the winter months, any attempts to keep the garage warmer should not be undermined by some of the heat escaping through the closed door. While this quality is especially important for garages attached to the home, they also matter when the garage is a detached structure with an independent source of heating and cooling.

The Impact on Energy Consumption

The best approach is to focus the search for a new door on models that have an R-factor of at least 9. This indicates a low amount of heat flow, meaning it will require less energy to maintain the desired temperature inside the garage.

If the garage is attached to the house, proper insulation does more than keep the garage at a comfortable temperature. It also creates an effective barrier that makes it easier to keep the home comfortable and minimize the energy consumption. That’s because the hot or cold air that would otherwise seep through the garage door and into the home through a connecting door is eliminated.

Talk with the team at Garage Door Operators Inc. today and learn more about the options for properly insulated residential garage doors. It won’t take long to find one with a superior rating, the perfect design, and an affordable price.

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