Taking PSAT Classes to Prepare for the SAT

17366918_lThere are few times in your life when a test will matter as much as it does going into college. Preparing for the test ahead of time is a great way to make your child feel more comfortable with the material that will be on the test and the method that will be used to give the test. By allowing them to study appropriately, students will feel confident the day of the test as they will already understand the material. If a student is uncomfortable taking tests, the best thing you can do for them is send them to psat classes. This similar environment will hopefully allow them to grow more comfortable with the idea of taking the test in a classroom setting.

There are a couple of options available for those taking psat classes. You can have your child take either three or nine 90 minute sessions, depending on what their needs are. If they are doing a normal PSAT preparation class, they will be taking it in three sessions, but if they are going for the full class, they will be taking it in nine sessions. Those taking the three session class will be given a 90 minute assignment at home while those taking the full session will be given a full PSAT practice test as homework.

The normal course itself covers a variety of subjects. Those who have trouble taking tests will benefit from the test-taking strategies taught including guessing strategy, timing, and question interpretation. Though this is not comprehensive, it does give the students a lot to think about and the tools they need to treat the PSAT like a serious test run for the SAT. Those in the full program get all aspects covered including algebra concepts, reading comprehension, geometric reasoning, and essay writing to name just a few. This is identical to the SAT program itself and is great for those who need additional help with subjects. For the families who understand how important the SAT is to a student’s future, the PSAT is an important part of working toward the final goal of getting a good SAT score.

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