Taking Care Of Area Rugs

When someone has Area Rugs within their home, steps should be taken to keep them clean and free from damage. There are several small steps one can take to keep their rugs in the best condition. Here are some tips to consider when bringing rugs into the home so they maintain their original appearance for many years.

It is a good idea to put an area rug down in an area where there is no sunlight peeking in windows onto the floor. This will help keep the rug’s coloring intact rather than having it fade prematurely. When a rug is placed in a spot where the sun is only shining down on a portion of the material, the fading will be at an uneven rate, making the damage visible to the eye. If the area rug does not have a backing, it can be flipped over every few weeks to help retain its look.

Rugs should be vacuumed using an attachment rather than the rollers. Place a brush attachment on the hose and hold it away from the material so it does not scrape it while removing dirt. Failing to hold the attachment away could alter the fabric and may leave some remnants of dirt behind if there was some on the attachment.

It is important to check for a tag on an area rug so the right cleaning procedure is used. Some rugs can be placed in a washing machine on a delicate cycle. Others should only be hand washed. Persian or oriental rugs can only be spot cleaned as the material is too fragile for moisture. If someone spills something on a rug, use a towel to blot the moisture immediately. If the area rug is not one that can be washed, it would need to go to a professional rug cleaning service so the stain does not settle into the material permanently.

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