Taking Advantage Of The Shape Of Square Bend U Bolts

One of the big advantages of using U bolts over standard types of bolts or other fasteners for pipe and tubing is that the interior of the “bend” of the U bolt conforms to the shape of the pipe or tubing.

This allows for the pipe to be securely held in place against a flat surface. Not only is this faster than using strapping or ties, which are the other options given the round shape, but these bolts will last a lifetime, even if exposed to moisture, heat or cold on the exterior of a building or other type of structure.

The drawback to the round U bolt is that it can only be used for round shapes. For square or rectangular shapes of tubing or structural material the round shape simply won’t work or provide a secure hold. The solution to this problem is in the use of square bend U bolts.

The Basics Considerations

As with the round shape of U bolts, the square bend U bolts are designed to match specific tubing or extrusion shapes. These can be either square or rectangular; both will fit into the shape of this highly practical fastener option.

The basic shape of all square bend U bolts is the same as a round U bolt but, instead of the rounded top, it has a flat top. This creates two shoulders to the bolt that are able the point where the thread ends on both legs.

Although they do form a flat surface on the top, the actual shoulder is not a true 90-degree angle, and it will be slightly rounded. The threading up the legs of the square U bolt can also vary in both thread size as well as the length of the threading.

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