Taking a Proactive Stance in Your Substance Abuse Treatment in St Paul

It is well-known in the addiction and recovery industry that addicts must readily acknowledge that they have a problem for which they need professional help. They need to realize that they cannot go cold turkey and quit on their own. They also must accept that they cannot blame their addiction on anyone else.

When you have reached this point yourself, you are ready to be an active part in your own recovery process. These tips can help you become a proactive participant in your substance abuse treatment in St Paul.

Learn the Coping Skills

When you enter a substance abuse program, you will be taught a number of skills to help you cope with withdrawal. These skills range from using cold temperatures to turn your mind’s attention from the physical sensation of your body withdrawing. It can also involve using distraction or meditation to calm your mind and body.

It is important that you learn and embrace these skills to get past your withdrawals. You also must learn to accept that the first few days can be uncomfortable as you detox.

You also are encouraged to take part in activities like arts and crafts or dancing. These activities give you a sense of accomplishment and a creative outlet for your frustrations. You can learn more about what to anticipate in substance abuse treatment in St Paul online. Contact Options Family & Behavior Services to get details or go to our website.

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