Take Your Pool to the Next Level With Tampa Remodeling Companies

Even though you might enjoy the design of your pool, there could be a few details that you want to add to deliver a higher impact of fun and excitement for your family when you’re outside. Before you contact a company about pool remodeling in Tampa, make a plan for what you want and the amount of money that you have to spend on the upgrades. Here are a few ideas to consider that can make your pool stand out from others.


Turn your pool into a wonderland of color by installing lights under the water. You can use clear lights to illuminate ordinary pool water or use colored lights that transform your pool so that it’s anything from green or red to blue or purple. There are also lights that can change by using a remote or a timer system.

Mosaic Designs

When you’re swimming at night, you might want to see something other than a lamp outside or the lining of your pool. A way companies can provide pool remodeling in Tampa is by creating designs using glow-in-the-dark tiles that are placed on the bottom of your pool. The tiles will usually glow for about six hours and can be arranged in any design that you like including flowers or waves.

Fire Pits

One way to change the appearance of your pool area is to install a fire pit. It could be made with stone or concrete and use wood for the fire, or you could use a ceramic design and gas as a fuel source.

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