Take Your Best Friend To An Animal hospital Leawood KS Residents Trust

Our pets are our best friends in life, and we rarely notice that they have four legs compared to our two. They listen to us when we need to talk and commiserate with us when we feel sad. Just being by our side can make both man and animal very happy in both the best and worst of times. Taking your best friend to an Animal hospital Leawood KS residents trust can be all important to the devoted pet owner. It means that you appreciate a veterinary practice that is highly regarded by members of the local pet community for their concern and medical knowledge.

You know that an Animal hospital Leawood pet owners choose to bring their pets to year after year is probably one that has earned high marks in a variety of vet specialties and areas. The Cherokee Animal Clinic is such a practice known for their caring approach to pet care in the Overland and Lenexa, KS area since their opening day in 1964. While the photos on their web pages at www.Cherokeeac.com may not look exactly as it did on that day almost fifty years ago, the unwavering skill and excellence in which they treat their patients has not changed at all.

Each of the doctors and every member of their vet team has made it their goal to treat each pet that enters their offices as if it were their own. To accomplish this, they utilize state of the art surgical procedures that were once reserved solely for human patients. Pets undergoing surgery or treatment are given the same comfort and recovery options as you would wish for yourself at a human hospital. Exams are given in modern examining rooms and even dental procedures are available for your pet’s smile to remain bright throughout their years. To these ends, senior care for both cats and dogs has extended their longevity much the same way people are now enjoying much fuller retirement years. Cat and dogs are also keen to enjoy these boarding facilities when you have to be away from home. Kept in separate and relaxing quarters, they can be given the comforts of home with the tender loving care you would normally lavish upon them.

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