Take to the River with Safe River Float Tubes

Have more fun on the river when you purchase tubes at an awesome value from WOW Watersports. They have a wide selection of tubes that are perfect for every river experience. Whether you want to just float down the river, be towed behind a boat or just relax on a floating island you are sure to find floatables that are eye-catching and fun. Be sure to find the tubes and accessories you’ve always wanted to make your next water adventure a success. This includes air pumps, lifejackets, tow ropes, waterproof speakers and quick connectors.

Create Your Own Island on the River

Become a true Islander on the river when you purchase a six-person – or even a 10-person river float tube with seats for everyone. Make your favorite body of water the next hotspot to chill with friends and family. A mesh bottom for seats will keep everyone cool. Choose a floating island with an open center that makes it easy to get off and on for people of all ages. Take the whole family to the river and make everyone else wish they had such a fun and cool floating device in which to spend their day on the water.

Stay in the Water for Lunch

You’ve always been told to stay out of the water after lunch. Now you don’t have to. Imagine being able to sit on a floating picnic table and enjoy the water while you eat. Floating picnic tables can make it happen whether you want to float down the river, relax on the lake or use it in your own swimming pool. Set it on a sandbar and grab your favorite games to chill and hang out with your friends. You can even anchor a floating aqua table with an anchor bag and rope so it stays in place. Make your best day on the water even better with the perfect floating table and float tubes.

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