Take Care of Your Pet by Making Sure They Are Vaccinated

800Vaccines, or immunizations, are an important part of your pet’s health. They protect dogs and cats alike from contracting illnesses that could be fatal. You should only get pet vaccinations in Chicago from your vet during a wellness visit. Your vet will know which vaccines your pet needs so they remain protected against diseases. A once rare disease could be spread by pets that go unvaccinated. Vaccines enable your pet’s immune system to create a defense against bad diseases. While a vaccine does have disease antigens, they are much needed so that your pet’s immune system is mildly stimulated without being infected. Their immune system will create antibodies that will fight off any real disease if your pet is ever exposed to it.

Your Vet Will Know Vaccination Guidelines

One of the main reasons you should take your pet to the vet for vaccinations is the fact that they know and understand vaccination guidelines. Of course, your pet still needs to be vaccinated during the early stages of life, but it’s important not to forget adult pets still need vaccinations too. The American Animal Hospital Association has set guidelines so vets can adjust their protocols to follow a three-year schedule for vaccinations. This doesn’t include non-core vaccines that are recommended annually. It is important to speak with your vet about a vaccine schedule for your pet so they are sure to stay healthy and protected in the future.

Get Vaccines That Fit Your Pet’s Lifestyle

Your vet can customize a vaccine protocol for your pet that fits their lifestyle. Your vet will need to know about your pet’s environment so they can determine any risk of exposure. Then they will design a vaccination protocol that is meant to protect your pet and minimize any risk. To know more information visit https://www.portagepark.com

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