Take a Walk Through a San Diego International Flight Training Academy

Man has always had the dream of taking to the skies and flying free like a bird. While we cannot simply fly on our own, humankind has made it possible to be able to take the skies in the great airplanes and jets of our modern era. The best way to do this is by taking control and learning to fly these massive machines. Before you enroll in an international flight training academy, take a short walk through the halls to see what you might learn on this grand adventure aside from the flying.

A major part of any international pilot’s job is knowing the rules, laws, and regulations regarding aircraft and international airspace. The Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) consist of several parts that have been set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that applies to civilian flight. One of these parts is known as Part 141. Part 141 of the FARs regards structured pilot schools and their requirements.

Earlier on your journey, you will be introduced to your new aircraft. While you may be comfortable and knowledgeable on smaller and more personal aircraft, there is a lot to know and be sure you are well aware of before truly taking to the international skies. You will also learn how to chart other aircraft for flight logs and communication. This type of knowledge will help make students safer pilots.

Your future awaits at international flight training academy. Contact the American Aviation Academy by visiting our website at http://flyaaa.com today.

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