Take a Closer Look at 3 Hair Thinning Treatments in West Chester, PA for Women

Hair thinning or loss can be difficult to live with. A person’s appearance is important, and when changes are made to the thickness of hair in women, it tends to be noticeable. Thinning is usually the result of hair loss and, in general, needs to be treated as soon as possible. It usually starts with an appointment with a doctor to check for certain medical conditions that often result in thinning hair or even hair loss. From there, it is time to start considering Hair Thinning Treatments in West Chester PA.

Topical Treatments

Most women look to a topical treatment as the first line of defense against hair thinning and loss. Products like Minoxidil can be applied directly to the scalp. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and works to stimulate hair growth. Most women only use a two percent concentration of Minoxidil. However, with medical supervision, it is possible to use the product with a five percent concentration.

Androgen Receptor Inhibitors

Androgen receptor inhibitors work to stop the hair loss and, in some cases, encourage regrowth. For these inhibitors to be effective, it is important to start using them as soon as possible. There are lots of different options to choose from, and some drugs are currently being researched to see if they can create the desired effect. For women going through menopause, hormone replacement therapy can also work to decrease and possibly regrow hair.

Hair Transplant

When other options have failed, some women turn to a hair transplant as a solution. In these surgeries, hair is taken from a woman’s head and moved to a new location. Unfortunately, a hair transplant is only effective as a hair thinning treatment for women in a small minority of cases. This includes women that are dealing with non-hormone induced hair loss or those with a distinct pattern of baldness.

So, which Hair Thinning Treatments in West Chester PA, are right for you? Contact BeBalanced Center or click here for more information about your hair loss. Ideally, the goal is to find out what is causing the thinning and then work towards a solution. For some women, thinning could be temporary. For others, thinning is an ongoing battle.

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