Supply More Support and Stability with Wet Strength Resins

Glues, adhesives, and resins are used more frequently than you might expect. Most products that are manufactured and that we use on a regular basis rely heavily on some form of adhesive or resin to hold it all together. As you can probably guess, these adhesives and resins vary greatly in the ingredients and the way they are made. This means that there is a wide range of adhesives and resins that all differ in strength, durability, versatility, resistance, viscosity, consistency and other factors. With such a variety, there is a specific glue or resin that is just right to meet the demands of pretty much every job out there that may require it. One extremely important item is wet strength resins.

What Are Wet Strength Resins?

A wet strength resin is absolutely essential for many purposes. Specifically, RBR-40. This substance is derived mainly from ketone formaldehyde and is usually added to starch glues. The reason for this is that RBR-40 has excellent water resistance properties. It is used widely in the corrugated industry and wet strength resin is often added directly to such products as paper towels and milk cartons, during manufacture. Wet strength resin is designed to not only prevent the item it is added to from disintegrating in water, but it must also work well with the machines used to produce said item, without clogging up the machinery or causing other damage. It also contains low levels of volatile organic content, is quite economical and has great pin adhesion.

What Is Wet Strength Resin Used for?

There are several products to which the addition of either wet strength resin itself or starch glue that has been fortified with it is essential. Here are some of the applications of this important resin:

-Frozen Food Packaging – Frozen food is a very big industry, as many people enjoy the convenience, variety and good flavor it provides. The packaging used for frozen food is extremely durable and water resistant, because it contains a wet strength resin. This prevents the package, let’s say an ice cream carton, from getting soggy and eventually disintegrating from the moisture of the ice cream and the ice crystals in your freezer.

-Meat Packaging – Packing meat safely and securely is highly important for sanitary purposes. Using specialized packaging reinforced with wet strength resin will keep the meat juices from leaking through the box, preventing the spread of diseases.

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