Summary of Basement Crack Repair in MD

However basic concrete may seem, it should not be ignored on the contrary it needs frequent maintenance and care just like any other part of the house. Cracks on the concrete generally occur in places such as the basement foundation wall, garage floor and pool floors. In most cases the cracks widen over time leading to more damage and therefore should be attended to as soon as they are noticed. It is important to seek the services of a professional when dealing with basement crack repair in MD so as to prevent further damage to the house and ensure quality repair is carried out. Some of the major causes of cracks in concrete are:

1. The shrinking of the concrete.
2. The occurrence of earth tremors as they cause the foundation of the house to shift.
3. Drought may also lead to the development of cracks as the high temperatures lead to evaporation of water from the foundation soil.
4. The type of soil also determines whether your foundation will be prone to cracks or not. Clay soil is the most prone due to its expansive nature when exposed to too much moisture.
5. Poor construction.
6. Natural disasters for example floods, hurricanes and many others.
7. Cracks may also be caused by poor drainage systems.
8. The existence of huge trees next to a house may also cause cracks to the foundation as the roots of the tree cause the separation of the soil.
9. If a contractor does poor soil preparation before building a house it will lead to the future development of cracks.
10. Plumbing leakages is also another cause of the development of cracks on houses.

The wider the crack the more expensive it becomes to repair and therefore as soon as you notice any, one should make an effort to get it repaired promptly. Cracks are generally repaired using methods such as the use of crack injection at low pressure. A professional will however advise on the best course of action depending on the extent of the crack. There are several companies that deal with basement crack repair in MD such as keystone foundation repair.

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