Substance Abuse Treatment: The Stats Behind Addiction in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health – Substance Abuse Prevention and Control Department has programs and helps to deliver a full spectrum of prevention, treatment, and recovery support services to reduce the impact of substance use, abuse, and addiction in Los Angeles County. They work with many successful Los Angeles substance abuse treatment facilities for the insured and the underinsured to meet the needs of the public and contracted organizations in the field of alcohol and other drug misuse and abuse.

Substance Abuse Stats

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health reports that drug overdose, including unintentional alcohol poisoning, is the fourth leading cause of premature death in Los Angeles County and the 17th leading cause of death overall. It is the fourth leading cause of premature death among men and the seventh leading cause of premature death among women in Los Angeles in recent years. Also, the overall admission rates of Los Angeles substance abuse treatment facilities have been steadily increasing.

Substance Abuse Treatment Results

The benefits of substance abuse treatment for the Los Angeles County include the following:

Increases in employment and income, with decreases in criminal activities, incarceration, and hospitalization.

Due to treatment in substance abuse centers and their aftercare programs, when patients are released it leads to a substantial decrease in the rates of re-incarceration, arrests, and prosecutions.

Treatments for substance abuse are cost effective and improve the quality of life for people who would otherwise have nothing else to support them in their attempts at getting clean.

Motivational Interviewing Treatment

Reputable treatment centers in LA are beginning to use evidence-based therapeutic techniques known as Motivational Interviewing, which is a non-judgmental, non-confrontational, and non-adversarial approach which helps to increase an individual’s awareness of the full potential impact of their actions and behaviors. This type of program helps those afflicted with addiction to envision a better future for themselves and gives them the means of achieving it. Experienced staff found at Los Angeles substance abuse treatment centers work with each patient individually to give them the hope and motivation needed to change their lives for the better by leading them down the road to recovery.

One of the Best in Los Angeles Substance Abuse Treatment

Los Angeles substance abuse treatment facilities like the Pax House, believe in early intervention before drug misuse and excessive alcohol use progresses to addiction. Many people believe persons with a substance abuse problem can only receive help when the addiction has become almost unmanageable, but this is not true; total recovery awaits anyone who feels they are heading down a slippery slope and has the courage to admit they need help. The Pax House facility provides a home-like environment for undergoing detox and residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. They continue to offer a highly structured schedule which includes some of the best treatment methods available to help their clients understand the cause of their addiction and how to overcome it for good.

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