Subaru Sells Itself; Dealers In Frankfort Help

Subarus are one of the most popular brands of vehicle right now for a variety of reasons. Subaru dealers in Frankfort really do have it easy because the brand ultimately sells itself. If not for the help that human interaction brings, salespeople wouldn’t be necessary. However, it can be helpful to understand why the brand is so popular and the reasons to buy.

Boxer Engine

The boxer engine is a part of every vehicle of the brand. It’s a flat-lying engine that offers power, balance and efficiency, which provides the driver and passengers with the best experience and the most safety. It offers a smooth ride, dependability, less vibration on the road and so much more. The only other vehicle that uses this engine style is the Porsche, which can be pricey and may not fit certain lifestyles.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

AWD isn’t anything new, but symmetrical AWD is because it uses the boxer engine to power the system. Each wheel has the same power and balance, which prevents slippage. Likewise, it has a lower gravity center and equal drive shafts.

Advanced Safety Options

For the last five years, this brand was the only maker that had IIHS top safety for all their models. While most people believe that safety is just surviving an accident, the best way to survive is not to have one in the first place. Their safety features and systems work to prevent accidents. Standard options can include ring-shaped frames, so there are no weak spots, safety pedal systems for the brakes, electronic stability control and independent suspension for the wheels. Other options include driver visibility, brake assist, front/rear crumple zones and advanced airbags.

Subaru dealers in Frankfort understand the benefits and innovation of the brand. Visit Hawk Subaru to start your search or to learn more about them.

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