Stylish Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh, PA

Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA do not have to be the unattractive, medical supply that many people fear. Women who are told to wear them for health reasons may worry that they will no longer look stylish and that they may feel uncomfortable. However, compression stockings are available in a variety of colors, and can be purchased in either knee-high versions, or longer stockings that come to the top of the thigh. There are even footless stockings and pantyhose available. When paired with a trendy outfit they will usually be indistinguishable from tights or nylons.

Doctors will typically insist on patients wearing compression stockings following a surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots. They are also a necessity for anyone that has already experienced Deep Vein Thrombosis. Compression wear also reduces pressure and heaviness in the legs. This is especially helpful for people suffering from varicose veins or swelling of the legs for any reason. They may even help to reduce or prevent some swelling. Wearing compression stockings during pregnancy may prevent the development of varicose veins and can reduce the ankle swelling many women experience.

The stockings help by gently forcing blood back up the legs. This keeps blood circulating, rather than allowing it to build. When the blood is kept circulating correctly, the potential is reduced for it to build up enough to back up and create a varicose vein or for fluid to accumulate.

Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA are made from breathable fabrics, so they do not overheat the person wearing them. Most people find the mild pressure they apply to be comfortable, and do not even notice them after wearing them for a few days. They can be cumbersome to put on the first few times, like any pantyhose or stockings, but once the wearer becomes familiar with them, they are a simple accessory to slip into.

In addition to basic colors like white, ecru and black, there are also trendy and seasonal colors available. There are also socks, for men and women. Click Here to see the styles and colors available, and to learn more about the benefits of compression wear.

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