Storage Units in Chicago and 3 Kinds of Storage Solutions Explained

If you need a place to put some or all of your household possessions between moves, or if you are moving into a smaller home, you may need to consider renting storage space in Chicago.

The Long and Short of It
When it comes to renting storage space, you have two choices: short and long-term storage units. Chicago is home to many professional movers which offer storage spaces to moving customers.

But how can you determine if you will need short term or long term storage units? Here are some conditions that will show which of the two will be most appropriate.

Short Term Storage
If your new home is not yet ready but the time of your mover is getting close, you will need a place to store your household items for the short term. The time involved in this type of storage is about three months or even less.

Short term storage can be expensive but if you can get a professional mover that specializes in this kind of arrangement, you may be able to get a discount.

Long Term Storage
If you are hiring a professional mover, ask him if he also offers storage-in-transit or SIT. It is an arrangement where the mover gets your household items, stores them in his storage units, and then transports them into your new home when you give the instruction to do so.

This option usually costs more than short-term storage but the mover is bound to take good care of your items and ensure they will arrive at your new location safe and secure.

Container Storage
This is also an option for people who need to store their household or office items while their new home or office is being readied. Usually, movers offer container for rent on a long-term basis which is usually more than three months.

If you choose this option, the mover will bring the container in your yard in which you can pack all of your belongings. After you’re done packing, the mover will pick up the container and transport it in his own warehouse until you decide that you need them unpacked in your new home.

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