Stop These Habits To Avoid An Emergency Trip To A Dentist in Hoover, Alabama

Often times people unknowingly do a number of things to harm their teeth. You might eat a meal and forget to brush afterwards, or you might have a habit of drinking coffee or sugary drinks. It doesn’t matter that you don’t notice what you’re doing because your teeth do. The following are a few things you should try to avoid doing in order to have a healthy smile, and avoid making an unnecessary trip to a Dentist in Hoover, Alabama. Browse website for more information.

The first thing you can do is refrain from using your teeth to crack nuts. Yes, nuts are healthy and they taste delicious, but you still shouldn’t use your teeth to crack them. Your teeth might be strong and hard but the shell of a nut is hard as well. Often times people chip, crack, and damage teeth while using them to open things like pecans and almonds. Receiving damage to your teeth will require a visit to a Dentist in Hoover, Alabama. If you can’t stand to live without nuts, consider eating ones that have already been shelled.

Chewy treats are another bad habit that many people have. Most of us loved eating chewy candies as kids, and many of us still enjoy them as adults. Unfortunately, as children, we weren’t aware of the dangers of these sugary snacks. Sticky candies have a tendency to stick into the crevices of your teeth and onto your enamel. Because they’re so sticky they can be very difficult to get rid of with regular brushing. If the leftovers of these treats aren’t removed from your teeth, it could cause cavities. You don’t have to stop eating candy altogether, but try cutting down just a bit.

Opening things with your teeth is another thing you should stop doing. People have a tendency to use their teeth to open wrappers, packages, drinks, you name it. For most of us our teeth are strong, and this is likely the reason we feel it’s okay to use them this way. However, teeth have been known to become damaged because of this habit, and dentists such as Dr. Michael S. Anglin have had to deal with emergencies because of it. Instead of using your teeth try using something else instead.

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