Stock Sweet and Savory Vapor Liquids From Kingdom Vapor Wholesale

Vapor liquids are the life’s blood of online and physical vape shops. It is a product that will always have high demand and it is the driving force behind repeat sales from loyal customers. No matter if you sell more starter kits or customized mechanical mods, delicious and high-quality vapor liquids are the unifying vape products that can be marketed to all your customers, whether they are serious enthusiasts or casual vapers.

To keep you customers happy and coming back for more, you need to stock tasty, top-shelf vapor liquids that appeal to all user segments. Inferior E-liquids lack the full flavor and body your customers want. The best strategy to appeal to all your consumers is to include both full-flavored and confectionary vapor liquid flavors in your wholesale resupply orders.

Add Traditional Vapor Liquid Flavors to Your Wholesale Order

Many vapers appreciate the traditional flavor options offered by vapor liquid manufacturers. The pungent tastes and scents are considered much more relaxing and nostalgic than sweeter flavors. Below are some of the most popular of these vapor liquids in our wholesale shop:

  • Chill’d Tobacco – Chill’d Tobacco is an adventure into a world of excellence.  We’ve blended some of the world’s finest mild leaf tobacco flavors with a fresh peppermint background. Deep soft notes of rich chocolate fill the mouth on the exhale, leaving a lasting impression you won’t soon forget.

  • King of Cloud Smokless Symphony – Hints of tobacco, caramel and warm spices compose this wonderfully full-bodied vapor liquid.

Fruity Vapor Liquids Are Essential for Every Wholesale Restock

Fruit based vapor liquids have been a staple for all E-liquid manufacturers since the very beginning. The exciting and candy-like flavors are the most popular across all vape customers. To capitalize on the demand for this flavor segment you need to check out the wholesale manufacturers below:

Complex Dessert Vapor Liquids Keep Customers Coming Back for More

An area of true vapor liquid innovation is the unique and sumptuous dessert themed flavors being produced by every major manufacturer. What started out as an experiment to cater to a niche customer segment has exploded into a massively growing category filled with creative confectionary flavor pairings that any pastry chef would marvel at. Including new and tempting dessert category vapor liquids in your wholesale order will drive sales as customers are enticed to try original e-liquids. To get your customers excited, try stocking these sweet vapor liquids:

  • Drip the Hype Vape Cake – A rich, creamy raspberry cheesecake garnished with white chocolate flakes.

  • Coil Glaze Honey Bunz – This decadent e-liquid has a cinnamon-sugar infused pastry base topped with a creamy honey glaze icing.

Be sure to have all the E-liquid flavors your customer’s demand in your next wholesale order. Stock up on premium vapor liquids from established and respected brands by shopping on our online shop today.

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