Steps to Take While Waiting for Plumbers in Bremerton, WA

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Loan

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There is no good time for a plumbing emergency. When a pipe has burst, a toilet has overflowed, or a hot water heater has ceased to function, it’s going to be stressful no matter when the problem occurs. Knowing what steps to take prior to deciding to foot the bill for an emergency plumber can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major, and costly, disaster. Read on to find out about some easy steps homeowners can take to mitigate damage.

Turn off the Water

No matter what the plumbing problem is, turning off the water can help prevent further water damage and other troubles. It’s also the first thing a professional plumber would do upon arriving at the scene. In most homes, turning off the water is fairly simple. If the issue is localized to, say, one toilet, or one sink, it’s usually possible to simply find the water shutoff valve near the base of the fixture and stop the water flow to just the one area of the house. Homeowners that aren’t sure where the water is originating will want to find the main water shutoff valve and stop the flow of water to the entire home. It may be stressful going without running water until the plumber arrives, but when the alternative is allowing the problem to persist and more damage to accrue, going without water for a few hours should seem like no big deal.

Don’t Neglect the Details

When calling Plumbers in Bremerton WA to get estimates, be sure to give a detailed description of the problem. Not only will including all of the details help to ensure that the estimate provided will be accurate, but it also allows plumbers to better prepare for their visits. After a detailed description of what the problem is and where it is occurring is provided, the plumber who is taking responsibility for fixing it will know what kind of tools to bring and how much time to allocate to fixing the problem.

Prevent Property Damage

Clearing the area immediately surrounding the leaking pipe, clogged drain, or other plumbing issue serves two purposes: it makes it easier for the plumber to access all of the necessary areas, and it helps prevent any further property damage. If there is any flooding or water damage, be sure to remove items to an area of the home that is not being affected.