Steps To Take When Opening Swimming Pools in Overland Park

As the spring sun shines brightly and the temperatures rise, it’s easy to start thinking about the fun things summer will bring. One of the most enjoyable activities is swimming or relaxing in a pool. Homeowners who have pools on their properties are looking forward to using them, but preparing a pool for the season takes some work. A swimming pool sales and service company can help a homeowner get a pool ready to be used for parties, cookouts, or simply for family relaxation time. There are several steps that need to be taken to get swimming pools in Overland Park ready for the season.

The pool needs to be prepared chemically before anyone can swim in it. This means the filtration system that was taken apart and removed when the pool was closed in the fall must now be put back together and re-installed in the pool. This is the first critical step necessary for cleaning the water properly so the pool can be safely entered. It can take several days for the filtration system to clean the debris that collected while the pool was not in use. The water level should be topped off at this time as well.

Once the filtration system has had some time to work, and the pool is clean, the water needs to be tested. Some homeowners do the testing themselves, but experts recommend having a company that sells and services swimming pools in Overland Park do the testing. Swimming pool companies can test for pH content, the presence of certain minerals in the water, and to determine the alkalinity of the water-;all important factors to know. With these results, a homeowner can determine how the pool water should be treated to bring it to the proper balance. Once the water is at the correct balance, the pool needs to be cleaned and tested regularly during the swimming season.

Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs services pool and spas in the Kansas City area. Homeowners interested in pool design and installation, as well as those who have pools that need regular service, can call on a company that has been in the area for more than 50 years. For information on pool openings, closings, and regular maintenance service, visit the website.

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