Steps to Take Before Receiving Orthodontic Care in Queens, NY

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Dentist

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Getting orthodontic care in Queens, NY is an often necessary part of a person’s dental health. This dental specialty deals with repairing malocclusion. A malocclusion is an improper bite, or imperfect positioning of teeth when the jaws are shut. By resetting the teeth and/or jaws, an orthodontist can help a patient avoid speech impediments, consumption problems, and tooth decay. To correctly align teeth, it’s advisable to properly prepare for an initial orthodontist visit for maximal productivity and efficiency.

To get ready for an initial orthodontist appointment, make the first visit during a time of day when you are not normally busy with activities. Being in a hurry can limit the progress of your visit if you are in a rush to get your treatments. If you have children, try to make arrangement for someone to watch them during this visit. Any distractions can make it harder for the orthodontist to treat you.

Filling out all paperwork a few days prior to the visit is important. Many orthodontic practices have their patient forms online. You can also get them from the office. Thoroughly complete all requests for information. If a request does not pertain to you, simply put “n/a.” This will let the dentist and his support staff know you did not accidentally skip the question. List all known allergens, especially ones like penicillin or latex. This will help prevent you coming into contact with these substances during a visit. It’s a good idea to highlight all extreme allergens with a yellow or orange marker to draw attention to them.

Make sure you fill out all insurance information. Include the group number, identification number, and the advisor team number. Many orthodontic practices will give you a pre-treatment estimate upon request. The first claim submitted to your insurance company should include the treatment type, total treatment cost, American Dental Association dental code, approximate number of treatments, and other necessary details.

Have your dental records sent to your new orthodontist. If you have seen multiple dentists during your life, have all these dental records sent along with your x-rays. Looking at the development of your teeth through x-rays will help an orthodontist plan his orthodontic care in Queens, NY with consideration to your teeth’s growth pattern.

By following these suggestions, you can fix your teeth by working with an orthodontist like the ones at Northern Dental Plaza Care.