Steps to Take Before Calling Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Fort Collins

The components of a successful motorcycle accident injury case are largely the same as those in auto accident cases. Successful plaintiffs must prove the other party’s carelessness or recklessness caused their injuries. However, laws on motorcycle injury cases can vary by state. Below are some considerations to be made during a motorcycling injury case.

Having Adequate Insurance

Having enough insurance to cover personal and property damage is the key to a successful injury case. Motorcycle insurance is very specific, and states’ laws vary widely. However, most states limit recoveries when a rider doesn’t have enough coverage. Even in no-fault states, if there’s no one to be held accountable or if the driver has no insurance, the rider could be liable for his or her medical bills, repair costs, and other expenses.

Accident Documentation

If the victim is able, he or she should gather as much information as possible after the accident. Medical treatment, of course, should be the victim’s first priority. However, if injuries aren’t severe, the victim should gather names of witnesses and take pictures of the scene.

Medical Records and Attention

As soon as possible after an accident, the victim should seek medical help. Even if the victim feels okay, they should be evaluated by a doctor. Internal injuries could have occurred, a shock could be present, or there can be late-appearing psychological or physical trauma. By hiring Burton & Burton and creating a paper trail, insurance adjusters, judges, and juries will get an accurate picture of the victim’s condition before and after an accident, and the injuries caused by the accident will be apparent.

Call the Insurers

After a victim gets treatment for motorcycle accident-related injuries, he or she should notify both parties’ insurers of their intent to file an injury claim. Insurers have strict claim notice requirements and could reject a claim that is delayed. Lack of notification can be used to disprove a claim, and accidents should be reported right away.

Even if a motorcycle accident victim doesn’t pursue a suit or if damages appear insignificant, they should call motorcycle accident lawyers in Fort Collins to make sure all legal bases are covered. Even an hour with a lawyer could be worthwhile in the end, and most motorcycle accident lawyers in Fort Collins offer free initial consultations.

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